Chung Tai Zen Center of Houston

Buddhist Zen Meditation Center

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Welcome to Chung Tai Zen Center of Houston
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2015 Summer Semester Zen Meditation Classes

Find wisdom, serenity, and true happiness through a calm and peaceful mind.


New Level I Zen meditation classes start on April 29th (Wed) at 7:30pm-9:30pm and May 2nd (Sat) at 10am-noon. Register here. 


Our Zen meditation classes are 12-week long and open to the public. All classes and events are free, but your generous donations are welcome. All participants should be in good psychological and physical health. Please wear loose and modest attire or meditation clothing (available at the Zen Center) and socks during the classes. The Zen Center is open from 9:00am to 9:00pm daily. Feel free to call or come by for registration and inquiries. 

    Register Now - Registration Form Download

Please download the registration form and type them out on the computer.

You can send it back to us through email or print it out and hand it back to us in person.

For details, please see Meditation Classes Description

For upcoming events, please see Events & Activities

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Upcoming Events

(Please check the Event Calender under the Main Menu for the latest update)


Half-Day Meditation Retreat -Time: Sunday  9:00 am ─ 12:00 pm


Date : 3/8;4/55/3


Meditation WorkshopTime: Sunday 10:00 am ─ 11:00 am


Date : 3/15;4/19;5/17


Dec. 25(Thu)

to Jan. 1(Thu)

Seven-Day Zen Meditation Retreats

Zen Center students only

Jan. 12(Mon)

Spring Semester Meditation Classes Begin

Please refer to Class Schedule for details

Jan. 25(Sun)

Eighty-Eight Buddhas Repentance Ceremony

9:30 am ─ 3:00 pm

Feb. 22(Sun)

Lunar New Year Guan Yin Blessing Ceremony

9:00 am-3:00 pm

Mar. 29(Sun)

Qing Ming Day Ceremony

9:30 am ─ 4:30 pm

Apr. 12(Sun)

Samadhi Water Repentance Ceremony

9:30 am ─ 5:00 pm

May 10(Sun)

Mother’s Day Service

10:00 am ─ 12:00 pm

May 24(Sun)

Buddha’s Birthday Celebration Ceremony

9:30 am ─ 3:30 pm

At Texas Pagoda Chan Monastery. Transportation is available. Call to inquire details.


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Lamp Offering 2015

Lighting the Unperished Lamp of Luminance

As an Offering to the Buddhas of the Ten Directions

This Removes Misfortune and Increases Our Merits and Wisdom

Thus Preserving the Perpetual Flow of Our Merits and Life

Lamp of prosperity

The lamps will be offered at the Grand Illuminating Hall of the Center

The sutra says that offering a lamp of light to the Buddha has boundless virtue. We will have magnificent appearances in future lifetimes and always have a joyous mind. We will be free from illness and live long, have great wisdom, and attain nirvana.

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10th Anniversary Special Buddhist Exhibit (pdf files)

Chung Tai Lineage
Chung Tai World

Chinese Buddhism History
Zen Patriarch